10 Rom-Coms to Watch This Valentine's Day

Nothing says Valentine's Day more than a fair share of chocolate-covered strawberries & rom-coms. Personally, I am picky when it comes to rom-coms. They need to have the perfect amount of cheesiness, and perfect amount of "perfect love story" for me. In my opinion, the early 2000s were the peak of top tier rom-coms, as opposed to the slim selection of good rom-coms we've been getting these past few years.

To help ease the struggle of finding the perfect movie to watch on your Valentines (or Galentines) date, I've compiled a list of the absolute TOP TIER rom-coms the Hollywood-world has to offer. Check them out!

The Proposal

Because who doesn't love Ryan Reynolds

Definitely, Maybe

Because see The Proposal

Two Weeks Notice

Because, I'm a sucker for a good ole' Hugh Grant rom-com & Sandra Bullock kills it

John Tucker Must Die

Because I really have no words for this - it's just SUCH a good teen rom-com

Music & Lyrics

Because, again, I'm a sucker for a good ole' Hugh Grant rom-com & the songs are so catchy

Always Be My Maybe

Because we all need a modern-day version "When Harry Met Sally" that is 10x funnier

To All The Boys I've Loved Before

Because nothing beats a movie reminiscent of the classic 80s Coming of Age movies

Valentine's Day

Because nothing makes me happier than when multiple stories are all inter-laced into one another. I'm really not sure the reasoning exactly, I just love it

Someone Great

Because sometimes a sweet reminder that the love & support from your best friends is just as good as from a significant other

Love Actually

Because, let's be real - Christmas Rom-Coms are ELITE!!


What are your favourite rom-coms to watch? Drop your reccs in the comments below!

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