2020: A Year in Review + 2021 Goals & Resolutions

Boy, oh boy, was 2020 a year. I would compare 2020 to a bad rollercoaster ride.

It starts off rolling up to the peak, but oh no, wait, it came a lot earlier than you expected, so you reach the top of the peak (my least favourite part) and wait for the drop, but instead of the ups & downs that follow, the drop keeps coming and coming and coming, and we’re all screaming and confused about what’s happening and when is it going to stop, so we continue to hang on for the ride with each passing minute thinking, “ok the disaster is going to end soon,” but the slowing down part of the rollercoaster just seems further and further away. And then BAM! It's over; the year at least.

You know what I mean?

That may have been a little dramatic, but you know what there were some ups, some down, and many, many days that merged into the same day, so I’m going to be a little dramatic. However, I don’t want my 2020 reflection to focus on the negative, I’d rather remember the happy moments I experienced during this train wreck of a year.

Let walk through some of my 2020 significant moments, shall we?

Jan 17

I flew to India for the 2nd time for my childhood friends’ wedding. I never thought I’d make it to India again, and could not BELIEVE the kid I have known since the day I was born was about to get married. We flew to Delhi then to Jodhpur, and were blessed to have been able to stay at the Umaid Bhawan Palace – an absolute DREAM. The wedding was two-whole days of straight partying and living our best lives in a palace. It was phenomenal, and it was just so great to be surrounded by my childhood friends, carefree enjoying everything that comes along with Indian weddings.

February 23

One of my best friends, Tanvi, turned 23 and we all celebrated by skiing at Blue Mountain. It was my first time, and surprise, surprise! I sucked. The hand-eye-leg coordination thing is just not my thing. However, I was with all my friends from college, so I don’t mind the pain my butt felt from falling so often.

March 14

My poor little Nissan Sentra, Bert, died on me a week earlier and he was unsafe to drive, so it was time to say goodbye. I cried a little, all my memories from age 16 – 22 were in that car, so I was majorly emo. BUT, at just 22 years old I was able to buy my first car and it felt good. She’s a red, Honda Civic named Cher and she’s beautiful.

May 17

Quarantine boredom hit me hard, so I picked up my little hobby I had back when I was 16 and started this blog. It was fun putting it together and brainstorming ideas and figuring out what exactly I want to talk about. I’m still not really sure, hence the inconsistency, but I’m working on it. Writing is fun; I just forget that sometimes.

May 28

BIG DAY!!! In just 18 months I was able to finish Grad School at Rutgers University. It was a sad day because none of my family were able to see me, and I wasn’t even able to walk across a stage and receive my diploma, BUT I did it. I worked full-time AND finished my Masters degree and I’m happy.

September 26 -28

After over a year of not seeing each other, I made the drive out to Pittsburgh to visit my best friend. I never thought I’d make the 5 hour trip out there again, but quarantine does crazy things to you when you’ve got nothing to do and nowhere to go. I had so much fun, I may even make another trip out there in the future.

October 8

I wouldn’t say this was the best birthday I’ve ever had, (if you know me you know my 5t birthday was the best), but we’ve celebrated that I made it another year and I am officially working my way into my twenties. I celebrated with my mum and brother so I can’t complain. It feels weird to be 23 honestly, its old.

October 21

Exactly one-year ago on this day was my first day at Coyne PR, and it was a wild ride navigating my first job mainly through COVID. It was a great place where I learned a lot, and I ended up celebrating the work-aversary by quitting! I was offered a new position at a new agency more up my alley. Let me just tell you, as a non-confrontational person, quitting is hard, but it was so worth it.

November 4

The day after Biden was elected (WOO), I started my new job as a Junior Account Executive at AZIONE PR; a great agency where I work with some of the best clients.

December 1

Sonia’s 24th birthday, that also happens to be my 2nd anniversary with my boyfriend. We weren’t really able to celebrate due to the pandemic, however, we ordered takeout from the restaurant of our first date, sat in the car, listened to music and enjoyed each other’s presence. It was nice; we survived a year in a pandemic. Wild.

December 31

This hell of the year finally came to end. Although a lot of it will probably carry into 2021, I agreed with myself to focus on the positivity. I rang in the New Year with mu mum and brother, with a gingerbread house competition against my brother, popping Christmas crackers at midnight, and having very, very good kebabs for dinner. It was the first year we spent NYE together in I can’t even remember how many years, so it was nice to start the year off together.

This is why I have more of a “focus on the silver lining”, “glass half-full” perspective on things. When I look at how I spent this past year it doesn’t seem so bad. Of course a lot of sad, terrible things happened this year that I will hold close to my heart, but I’d like keep moving forward and bring with my the happy memories that helped me get through the tough year.

Staying at home just about 24/7 has also allowed me to think more, be a little more introspective, and that is why for probably the first time ever I’m setting goals and resolutions for 2021. I want to focus on carrying that positive energy over, and start the ball rolling into more positivity. I’m not too educated on the legitimacy of Law of Attraction, but it doesn’t hurt to pretend. I’ve never done this before, so I struggled a bit to figure out what I really wanted to accomplish, so I think I may add to this throughout the year. I’m thinking if these are laid out permanently, in a concrete spot, I can’t forget and will stick to my goals because this blog will hold me accountable. Maybe we’ll do a 6-month check-in.

2021 Goals + Resolutions:

· Incorporate working out into my daily routine, not just something I have to do

· Read at least one book a month with the aim for more

· Be more consistent here on this blog – I want to see a steady rollout of content and steady views this year

· Channel my creativity more with creative activities

o Try something new + creative at least once a month, or find a new creative hobby

· Explore two new cities (dependent on COVID)

· Create a proper morning routine so I don’t immediately jump into work as soon as I wake up

· Spend more time reaching for experiences rather than shopping for material items

What about you? What were your highs of 2020? What goals + resolutions do you have planned for 2021?

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