Black Lives Matter

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

There are much more important things to talk about right now than fashion and beauty. The Black community is still at risk, and hundreds of protestors are facing unnecessary violent actions by the police.

Protests are everywhere – and rightfully so. Like fire the news spread, the rage spread, and unfortunately the racism spread. I clicked on my Twitter app just days ago and found my timeline filled with enraged people, and videos of the murder of George Floyd. Horrifyingly, an innocent, Black man faced modern day lynching at the hands of the police. For decades, centuries even, the police state has continued to oppress, destruct, and organize the killing of black people and black communities.

George Floyd is not the first black man to die at the hands of police brutality. I’ve found myself thinking back to when these conversations of police brutality really started to dominate the political and social conversation. My earliest memory of my peers, and followers on social media talking about it is back in 2012 when Trayvon Martin was killed. Eight years ago and I know 2012 was not the first instance something like this has happened. The worst part is that police brutality like this is has not changed at all. Every few weeks there is a new hashtag, new support for another black person who has been wrongfully killed, but these incidents are not isolated. They are happening everyday. There are not good cops and bad cops in these situations. There are cops who are mercilessly killing these people, and cops who are letting these killings happen. The entire system of U.S policing is rooted in the power control over Black people. This system is a major pillar of white supremacy. We can date back these issues to post-Civil War era with Black Codes and vagrancy laws in the South. And these issues are still prominent today. It has been hundreds of years, and nothing has changed. Is that not concerning?

If we are not able to recognize the racism laced within the core of our political system, and social system we are unable to dismantle the system that gives the white people the power to put the lives of Black people at risk. We’ve seen time and time again that white people will claim that they feel threatened and just like that unnecessary force and violence has been thrusted upon the innocent black person. We can’t forget just days ago, when a white women in Central Park had her dog illegally off of its leash and she begins to call the cops on a man because she didn’t like being called out for what she was doing wrong. She knew what she was doing by calling the cops. She knew the power she had over that man. She knew what could have happened and if it weren’t for the video evidence that the man took, worse events could’ve followed. However, don’t be fooled. Video evidence has never been enough. Excuses are made left and right for police brutality no matter how clear the video evidence is in showing how wrong their actions were. Sure a cop may get arrested here or there, and he may receive court punishment, but there are not lasting effects of these punishments. They are all to make the public believe there is order. There is absolutely no justice or reform made in punishing these cops.

There are so many things to say about this, but right now all I can simplify it to is Black Lives Matter, and we must support them. It doesn’t matter who you are - be an ally. Support those that are protesting, use your privilege to protect others, use your knowledge, access, and capabilities to fix the system and support the disadvantaged. Don’t stand on the sideline. Donate to organizations. Educate yourself and others. Speak out against the violence. Vote for those that support the black community. Just be there and support the Black community. This has been happening for way too long for anyone to stay silent on the matter.

With the protests going on across the country, and the violence inflicted on the protestors, this is the time to donate and support. Linked below are places for you to donate and support the cause. Anything helps, and spread the word.

If you know of anywhere else to donate or provide any form of aid leave a comment below!

Click here for a comprehensive list of petitions, numbers to call, places to donate, and lists of protests happening.

If you can't donate, you can stream this video and all ad revenue will be donated to BLM causes.

Donate here for The National Bail Fund Network to support the national fund for those whose want to use a community fund to change local bail systems, and reduce incarceration.

Donate here and here to raise money for George Floyd’s funeral.

Donate here to support the Minnesota Freedom Fund in bailing out protestors arrested in the demonstrations.

More information here to call the District Attorney and Mayor of Minnesota demanding the release of all protestors

Donate here to support the The Black Visions Collective Movement and Legal Fund is a Black trans and queer led organization leading protests and advocating for the defunding of the local government.

Donate Here to support Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en La Lucha who are taking donation for food and money to support organizes.

Donate here to Reclaim the Block an organization that lobbies for the defunding of the police and re-routing the funds to affordable housing, health, violence prevention, civil rights, and more.

Donate here to North Star Health who is providing aid to protestors on the ground.

Donate here to Black Lives Matter Louisville for the Louisville Community Bail Fund to bail our protestors.

Donate here to bail out protestors in Columbus, Ohio.

Donate here to the Brooklyn Community Bail Fund in pressuring Governor Cuomo to take action in defunding the police.

Donate here to Black Lives Matter of Greater New York to raise money for organizers to travel to Minnesota and other forms of support.

Click here to support Justice for Breonna.

Click here to send a drafted email to Minnesota officials calling for action.

Click here for a Twitter thread of petitions to sign for various causes and click here for a Twitter thread of places donate.

Donate to @BailOutNYCMay on Venmo to raise money for protestors arrested in NY.

Donate here to the Black Live Matter Movement.

Donate here to support the fight for racial justice.

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