Functional & Fashionable: Blue Light Glasses

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

I'll be the first to admit that the main reason why I wear blue light glasses is purely for the look of it. I've worn glasses since I was probably six or seven years old, so glasses were always for function not for accessorizing. As time passed and I started wearing contacts, I started to like the look of wearing glasses as an accessory, so I started looking for glasses that I could wear while I also wearing contacts. Every pair I found looked too fake or cheap, but then I learned about blue light glasses.

I first learned about blue light glasses from a random blog post online, and slowly I kept hearing about them on podcasts, youtube videos, blog posts - literally everywhere. Blue light glasses are specifically designed to filter out/block blue light given off from electronic screens, like your phone or computer. Blue light glasses also help to protect your retina from prolongers exposure, and also help when you can't resist using your phone right before bed by blocking the blue light that sends messages to your brain that its not time to sleep.

I bought a pair a few months ago when I started working full-time and knew I'd be spending at least eight hours a day staring at a computer, not including the many hours I already spend scrolling through my phone, and they are so cute. The pair I got were from for such a good price and they're in my favourite colour, pink! They go so perfectly with anyone outfit I wear and adds a little something to the plainest of outfits. The best part is that they are "fake" glasses without looking fake or cheap. Nine times out of ten I wear them as an accessory, but I have found that my eye strain is not as bad as it used to be, and definitely helps out when I'm using my phone late at night.

Whether you're a student writing papers all day, or you're working a 9-5 glued to your computer screen, spending your day scrolling thought Instagram all day, or just really want a pair of cute glasses that don't look fake I truly believe that blue light glasses are worth your money (& they're not even that expensive).

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