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If you don’t know already, I work in the PR industry. When I was in college I didn’t really have anyone I knew that could guide me through my pursuit. No one was there to tell me about their path to finding PR, or how they pursued a career in this field, because most of professors went the corporate route, while I wanted to pursue the fashion and beauty route of PR. They were good at teaching the classes and teaching the basics of PR – knowledge that I still use at my full-time job, but I didn’t have someone to explain what was important to know about the industry, how to start a career in the industry, and all of the other not-so-fun details about the industry – I was out learning it all on my own.

In my experience, not a lot of people who work in fashion or beauty PR talk about what it took to get to their successful positions, just that it was a lot hard work. To help out others that are in the position I was in throughout college, I want to share more about my experience and what I learned along the way.


To start off, here’s some information about me:

What’s your title? I am an Account Coordinator

Where do you work? A PR agency based in New Jersey

What was your degree? I double-majored in my undergrad, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Communications Specializing in PR, and I received my Master of Communication Specializing in PR.

What clients do you have experience working with? Throughout my internship experience I primarily worked with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. While in my post-grad experience I worked with a fashion brand, and now currently, food and beverage, and wellness brands.

What do you do? Everyday is different depending on what a clients’ needs are, but for the most part I’m monitoring the media, pitching the media, building media lists, brainstorming campaigns, and executing influencer campaigns.

This is just a quick intro to get to know me as a PR professional a bit more, but I’ll be answering a lot more questions and sharing more about my experiences on here.

If you have any specific questions/comments you want me to answer, leave a comment below or DM on Instagram @missambersabri and I’ll cover it in my next blog post!

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