It's that time of the year - gift guide season! This will be the first annual collection of gift guides. Each item has been handpicked by me, and certified to be the best of the best for whoever you're gifting this holiday season.

To start off, we'll starting with a gift guide for your bestie, and maybe you can add of few of these items to your wishlist too. Stay tuned every Tuesday & Friday for the next few weeks for new gift guides perfect for all of your gift giving needs!

SKIMS Robe | Film Camera | Claw Clips | Corduroy Puffer Jacket | Canvas Tote | Ouai Body Creme | Kaja Lip Gloss | Canvas Tote | Wool Sweater | Sunglasses | Spanx Patent Leather Leggings| Wine Glasses| Winter Beanie| Static Nails Press-On Nails| Vie Beauty 'The Bag' | SKIMS Velour Track Bottoms | Vie Beauty Rose Water Facial Spray | SKIMS Velour Hoodie|

BTW for an added holiday discount, use AMBER10 when you shop at Static Nails.

Happy Shopping :)

**I use affiliate links! If you click and buy using my link; I may make a small commission on the sale of the item. Using my links supports my content, thank you so much for using them!

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