Introducing the New & Improved Fall/Winter Color Palette

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

We are well into the fall season - the clocks turned back, the leaves are falling, and we're finally switching our spring/summer wardrobe out for our fall/winter wardrobe. However, despite the change in seasons I can't seem to keep away from the pastel colours.

Normally, I gravitate towards my navy, black, grey, and all- around darker colours during these gloomy months, but not this season. Maybe it's me holding tight onto the happy colours during these dark times, or maybe the seasonal colour palettes are finally up for a makeover, either way lighter colours are all my eyes can see.

These colours have followed me through the summer months, are happily carrying me through fall, and I know for sure I'm bringing these colours with me as we head into winter. Find me sporting beautiful sage green, flirty lilacs, sweet baby pinks, and the tried & true browns.

I've pulled some outfit inspo together to share how I am bringing these beautiful colours into my new & improved fall/winter colour palette.

Peep the Halloween decorations for peak fall decor ;)

For more outfit inspirations, and to see the new ways I'll be styling my looks each season go ahead and check out my Instagram page and don't forget to tag me in the different ways you're styling these colours!

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