7 Brands Doing Nude Shoes Right

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

In relation to my blog post several days ago about my experience with inclusion, I talked about how it didn't occur to me that nude shades should actually match my skin tone. It wasn't until around 2013 when Christian Louboutin launched his Nude Collection that I put two and two together, and realized nude shoes should not just be a light beige. I may sound kind of dumb, but I am a product of a predominantly white, suburban upbringing, so what else was I supposed to know I wasn't exposed to it? Anyways, Christian Louboutin exposed me to what the reality of nude shades should be. Bear in mind, his isn't the MOST inclusive shoe line, however it was a step in the right direction and such a well known brand that the idea of it alone really helped aid the process of more shoe lines offering inclusive nude lines.

Over the years, I've found out about brands here and there that offered more inclusive lines at a range of prices and thought it would be worth sharing for all my people that need a shoe that is a bit more representative of who they are.

Christian Louboutin

With the belief that every woman deserves a shoe that resembles their skin tone, Christian Louboutin developed a collection of nude shoes that complement any outfit from day to night. Since its launch in 2103, the collection has grown to seven shades. and offered in classics and festive heels.


After not being able to find a nude shoe to match her darker complexion, Jamela Achemapong mixed paint and white pumps to create her own DIY nude pump. From there, Kahmune was born as a place for all women to have nude shades that celebrate the diversity of human complexion.

Jeneba Barrie

Attorney, mother, and designer, Jeneba Barrie, wants to redefine and revolutionalize the meaning of "nude" shoes in the fashion industry. With 13 shades in her debut collection of pumps, Barrie has for so much more.

Rebecca Allen

After frustration of not being able to find a nude that fits her complexion, Rebecca Allen launched her namesake collection in five nude shades. Offerd in a modern, timeless style, Allen's collection aims to build the confidence in all of her customers.

Brother Vellies

Developed by the leader of the 15 Percent Pledge, Aurora James, the Nudes Collection includes eight different nude shades in a variety of shoe design (pumps, sandals, feathers, etc.) with each shoe named after powerful women that inspire her team.

Dune London

At a more accessible price point, London-based shoe brand, Dune London expanded their classic Aurora Collection in 2018 with a more exclusive colour palette in nine different shades.

Salone Monet

Hand-crafted in Italy, Salone Monet's Nude Collection is rooted in the desire to amplify the confidence within every women. The collection offers six inclusive shades specifically designed to highlight every woman's unique complexion.

*all images sourced from Google Images

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