Quarantine Favourites

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

As a now seasoned quarantiner (66 days & counting), what I do and what I love on a day-to-day basis are a lot different that what they normally were before the pandemic. A lot of these things help me stay comfortable, occupied, and stop me from going stir-crazy after two months at home, with my mom and brother.

Below is a list of things I newly do or things I newly love that I have been using over the past two months that have helped keep me sane, and may be helpful to you!

  • Making my bed – I know, its small, its insignificant, and I should probably be doing it everyday pandemic or not, but I normally don’t. However, with my new desk space being my bed, working from home and doing not much else with my time, its nice to feel like I’ve accomplished something, and that I’m a lot more in order than I may actually be.

  • Face Masks – I am huge skin care fanatic, which you’ll see a lot more of as more blog posts go up, but self-care has been my absolute favourite thing to do. Nothing feels better after laying all day in bed in your pjs than a refreshing face mask that brings your skin back to life.

  • Reality TV – I’ve been a huge reality TV gal for as long as I can remember, but took a long break while I was busy in college. I read somewhere that a lot more people are drawn towards reality TV at this time because it is a small form of an escape from reality. Maybe that’s why I’m so much more drawn to it, or its just gotten increasingly entertaining. Either way I have A LOT of catching up to do with the Real Housewives and SUR employees.

  • My Pink Fluffy Robe – I think this falls into my love of self-care and pampering myself, but I just feel so much more relaxed and comfortable when I’m fresh out of the shower lounging in a big fluffy robe. Its like nothing else matters in the world.

  • New York Times Crossword Puzzle – I’ve always been a fan of Sudoku puzzles and crossword puzzles, but my love and appreciation for them have been rekindled since I literally have nothing better to do with my time. I feel good because I’m exercising my mind, and I just enjoy solving the puzzles. If you’re interested, the NY Times puzzle you need to pay a subscription for, but there are LOADS of apps online that are free!

  • Podcasts – My interest in podcasts has grown a lot over this past year ever since I started my job and commuted everyday, but being stuck in quarantine has made me even more excited when new episodes of my favorite podcasts come out. Maybe its because all I do is talk to my mom and brother all day and like to pretend I’m talking to a friend, or maybe I’m just running out of content to consume – either way I know it’s a good day when a new podcast episode is released.

  • Running – If you know me this is the most shocking thing I could ever list, however I miss going to the gym and with the weather starting to warm up this is the perfect way to get that Vitamin D. Don’t get me wrong, I have the worst endurance ever so it’s more of walking/running, but I use the Nike Run Club app so it tracks my time, distance, and calories! It sets up a routine to help you train, but I’m definitely not there yet, so I just do quick start programs and let it track my progress. Getting away from my bed and actually doing something productive really helps clear the quarantine fog that builds up, so I definitely recommend running, or walking just to get that heart rate going and clear the head. Who knows you may even start to love it!

  • Brownies & Ice Cream – This one’s a different form of consuming, but every since I’ve been stuck at home, having a sweet treat after dinner has made everyday a little bit more enjoyable. My brother came home to quarantine with us and is a major brownie fan, so I’d be making these regardless of the state of the world, but knowing that there’s always something sweet in the house keeps me going. I will also recommend, Churros, homemade poptarts, and homemade Hershey pies, if brownies aren’t your thing.

  • Sitting in the car and calling your friends – This one is oddly specific, but for me, it’s oddly satisfying. Sometimes I will sit in my parked car, roll down the windows, and catch up with a friend I haven’t been able to see in weeks. It’s tricking my mind into thinking that I’m in my car driving to go see them, instead of stuck in my home with nowhere to go. It’s an added plus that you can bask in warmth of the sun, and it’s a nice way to socialize if texting isn’t really your thing.

  • Jade Roller – I’m starting to see a trend of my favourites revolving around self-care, but with being cooped up inside, what else have you got to do? Anyways, I was given a jade roller as a gift for my birthday a few months ago, and have heard a lot of influencers talk about them. Personally, I don’t think it actually does anything for my skin, but I do love how it feels after putting all my skincare products on and rolling the cold jade stone across my face.

  • Online Game Nights – I’m pretty sure most people have already joined in on the fun of this one, but incase you doubt the fun of an online game night, trust me it is just as fun as being all together. Video chatting and playing the games brings out everyone’s competitive side, and when you run out of things to talk about because nothing new has happened to you in three weeks, this is a good way to stay in touch and socialize with your friends and family. Even better, it’s free, and you can talk to anyone, anywhere!

That is all that has been occupying my time outside of working from home, so I hope any of these help pass the time or make quarantine a little bit more enjoyable. If you have any recommendations for me leave in the comments below or DM me! Happy to add to this list, and help keep everyone occupied!

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