Review: Blume Stargirl Facial Mist

I heard about the brand Blume a few months ago either through IG ads, or maybe from someone I was following, and instantly started researching and following the brand. I found out that it is a #cleanbeauty brand, and it is female-founded by two sisters. Their mission is "to build young women a safe space to learn, grow, and become their badass selves. A place to celebrate womanhood and give advice on the good, the bad and, yes, even the ugly that comes with it” and I love every bit of their mission #GirlPower. Coincidentally, just a few weeks later they reached out to me and gifted me their Stargirl Facial Mist. I had been toying with the idea of buying it for a few days at that time, so the timing was weirdly perfect.

The Stargirl Facial Mist is a facial toner in mist form. Despite it technically being a toner, the facial mist can also be used in the morning as a refresher, or after makeup as a great setting spray, along with being a nightly toner. Its a pretty, green colour, and might I just say has the perfect amount of pressure in the spray bottle so its not too much at once, but also sprays enough to cover the whole face - a very important detail in any spray product.

My Experience:

If I’m being 100% here, before the Stargirl Facial Mist I never cared for facial mists – I never saw the point of them. For one thing, most facial mists are rose scented – one of my least favourite scents – and again whats the point of spraying yourself randomly throughout the day?

My mind completely changed after using this mist. I normally hate rose scents, but there's something about the lightness in the scent where I actually love it. I’ve been using it for maybe three weeks now, and its become a big part in my skincare routine, as well as my makeup routine. At the forefront, it’s a toner so it is helps to prevent acne, helps to fade acne scars and marks, and works to even out skin tone. Over the past three weeks I’ve seen a good amount of change in my skin. A lot of my acne scars are fading if not gone, and my skin feels healthy. I spray it at night regularly, and throughout the day if my eye catches it and I want a quick refresh.

The other way I like to use the mist is while doing my makeup. I use it like a setting spray, so between laying my foundation down and starting on the eyes I like to give myself a good spritz to really set the foundation into my skin. To finish any makeup look off, a good three or four spritz really does the trick in locking all the makeup in, while also leaving me feeling refreshed. The added bonus of it being a facial toner eases my mind into thinking its preventing me from getting acne while I wear makeup.

Overall, I rate this facial mist very high and recommend it to anyone and everyone. I can’t see it not working for every skin tone and every skin type, and even if it doesn’t work with toning your face, it works superbly in refreshing your face after a long day.

This post is completely NOT #sponsored, but I think very highly of this product, and many of Blume’s other products, so if you’re interested in buying follow this link: and you’ll get $10 off your purchase!

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