Summer Favourites: Quarantine Edition

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

I naively did a blog post like this a few months ago thinking quarantine was going to be a 3 month thing, and then life would be normal come summer 2020, but boy was I wrong.

To round out, the end of probably the most depressing summers of our lives, I figured I'd share some things/products/shows/music that made summer 2020 just the slightest bit more enjoyable given the circumstances.

TV Shows/Videos I've Been Binging:

Beauty Products I've Been Loving:

Playlists I've Been Listening To:


Clothes I Can't Stop Wearing:

Random Things I've Been Using/Loving:

  • Disposable Cameras

  • Resistance Band

  • Poshmark (been selling some things if you're looking to add to your wardrobe!)

  • Beach Picnics

  • Churros

  • Candy Crush

It's no surprise a lot of my favourites are beauty product related (what else is there to do in quarantine), but I want to know what's been getting you through summer 2020? Anything you're looking forward to the fall season? Leave a comment below!

*I use affiliate links! If you click and buy using my link; I may make a small commission on the sale of the item. Using my links supports my content, thank you so much for using them!

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