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Beautycounter x Sephora Pop Up

Just this week, clean beauty brand Beautycounter confirmed that this July they will be joining the long lists of brands sold at Sephora. Beautycounter has been a key player in progressing the clean beauty movement, and is known for publishing 1800 chemicals that are seen as questionable ingredients in beauty products. With the growing demand of clean beauty, Sephora is making strategic moves to stay on-top of the beauty trends and answering the consumers needs. Available online starting July, and officially in stores August 7th, consumers take the path to clean beauty with Beautycounter for a limited time at Sephora.

".... is stepping down." A Response to the Black Lives Matter Movement

With the Black Lives Matter movement alive, and still thriving, many past employees at major fashion brands are being called out by their past employees for the racism and discrimination they experienced while working at these companies. And its not just fashion brands being called out either; major publications are being called out too. It shows that an aesthetically pleasing "I stand with the BLM movement" or "I failed" Instagram post is not enough during these times. These brands and publications (and everyone) need to be held accountable for their actions, and take action to change their beliefs. Systemic racism is a key factor in the way our entire society has been set up - it is now our job to acknowledge that what we've been taught is wrong, and combat it to make a better place for Black people, and all other POC.

Since this has all gone down, many CEOs, founders, and high-level execs have been called out and are now stepping down including:

  • Leandra Medine Cohen, ManRepeller

  • Yael Aflalo, Reformation

  • Christene Barberich, Refinery29

  • Matt Dukor, Conde Nast

In addition, Vogue, Refinery29, Anthropologie, L'Oreal, and Bon Appetit have all been called out for their toxic work culture and racism faced by Black employees.

It's going to be interesting to see how such big name brands and publications are going to be altering their business operations and continue to address the callouts.

The 15% Pledge Earlier last week Aurora James proposed the idea of what is now the 15 Percent Pledge. It calls on major retailers, like Sephora, Whole Foods, Target and many more to dedicate at least 15% of the shelf-space in their stores to Black-owned businesses. Sephora was the first brand to take the pledge and announced how important it is for them to commit to the pledge. In their Instagram announcement, the brand will take three steps to seeing this pledge through: take stock, take ownership, take action. They will take stock of what products and businesses they currently give shelf space to, identify their disparities and shortcomings, and begin to open up connections and resources in order to support Black business owners and provide aid to aspiring founders.

Rent The Runway has also committed to pledge with more brands slowly rolling in. It will be nice to see what other brands take action and commit to the pledge, and how they will follow through on their promises.

The End of the Fashion Calendar - The New Wave of Fashion

During the month of May, Dries Van Noten, the Business of Fashion, and the Council of Fashion Designers of America have all called for a changed in the production of fashion. They expressed that there is too much output, time, and waste put into the bi-annual collections. Each proposed the idea of taking into account what their consumers really want, and not just falling into the need for a new collection each season - what fashion should have always been. From the fashion news Instagram pages, and other sites I read, there has been an so many voices supporting for this new idea, but at the same time, but no formal action by the industry has been done. Designers have begun to take action into their own hands and have removed themselves from the bi-annual, four city Fashion Week lineup. New lines will be released at a slower pace, and on the designers time. Below are a list of designers who have announced that they are taking the leap to forgo the fashion calendar.

  • Alexander Wang

  • Giorgio Armani

  • Gucci

  • Michael Kors

  • Off White

*Personal note: I wouldn't be surprised to see more and more designers beginning to take themselves off of the list. The way COVID-19 has halted our lives, has allowed for many of us to take a step back and analyze how we work and live. For the fashion industry, we have been so engulfed in the timelines and selling and consuming, that the art of its has almost fallen off radar. Although a terrible virus to hit the globe, the virus does seem to be halting the fashion industry from falling into the black hole of fast fashion, and going back to what it was, and allowing these designers to take their time to perfect their collections and allow them to provide to what they believe their consumers needs.

Another personal note: This topic really intrigues me and I'd love to hear your thoughts on the fashion calendar, the new wave of fashion, and what is happening to the industry. Leave your thoughts in the comments or my DMs I love thinking/talking about this.

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